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Database Developer/Manager (VA19-02)



MS Office Automation Specialist. Knowledge and use of Microsoft Excel, VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), Access Database, and Excel VBA GUI development for an Excel database/data repository. Candidate will be responsible for maintaining the current database and developing innovative ways to modify, add to and present graphic products using the underlying data. The existing database is used for the development of roadmaps showing the timelines for operational capabilities derived from implementation of new Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) capabilities in Joint Force platforms and weapon systems.


Vienna, VA (National Capital Region).

Education and Experience

Bachelor's degree from an accredited college in a related discipline or equivalent experience/combined education.


Knowledge and use of Microsoft Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) & Access Database Development and Excel VBA GUI development for Excel database/data repository.


Must be US Government Security Clearance Eligible. Have proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications. Ability to work in a team setting in a high-tempo environment is essential, along with strong communication and interpersonal skills.


Skills in MATLAB, and familiarity with various modeling/simulation techniques

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