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New Mexico

Overlook Systems Technologies, Inc.
Attention: Mr. Nevin Elden
401 Alvarado Drive SE, Suite B
Albuquerque, NM 87108
Phone: (505) 514-0391
Email: nelden@overlooksys.com

Lat/Lon:  N 35° 4' 26.0"  W 106° 34' 54.6"

USNG:  13SCU 5578 8238

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Overlook was instrumental in establishing and operating the Joint Navigation Warfare Center (JNWC), an element of Joint Functional Component Command SPACE under USSTRATCOM. The primary mission of the JNWC is to integrate Navwar capabilities (Space Operations, Electronic Warfare, and Cyber aspects) across the DoD; provide a core interagency framework to coordinate, conduct, and report on Navwar analysis and testing; identify and develop mitigation strategies and tactics for PNT-based vulnerabilities including all terrestrial and space-based user equipment/platforms and their augmentations; and advise decision makers on significant Navwar issues. The JNWC also conducts independent Navwar tests, demonstrations, experiments, and assessments; provides current and timely Navwar information to the warfighters; supports Services' Navwar training; and participates in joint exercise events.

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